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Upcoming Webinar: Oracle Critical Patch Update October 2011 E-Business Suite Impact

October 25, 2011

Oracle October 2011 CPU - Oracle E-Business Suite Impact
Thursday, October 27, 2:00pm - 3:00pm EDT

Every quarter, Oracle releases a Critical Patch Update (CPU) that fixes a number of security bugs in all the Oracle products including the
• Oracle Database,
• Oracle Application Server,
• Oracle E-Business Suite.

These patches are large, complex, and often difficult to understand for the Oracle E-Business since multiple patches are required with some being cumulative and others needing prerequisites.

This quarterly eLearning session will focus on the October 2011 CPU and the impact on E-Business Suite environments.

Topics will include;
• a review of the security vulnerabilities fixed in the CPU,
• an analysis of the required CPU patches,
• a discussion of a high-level patch strategy.

Example vulnerabilities will be demonstrated in order to show how easy it is exploit many of the fixed security bugs.

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