Solutions By Compliance Requirement

Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)

Integrigy assists with SOX compliance by helping to automate the compliance effort with AppSentry and providing solutions to SOX compliance issues from Integrigy Consulting.  Integrigy can assist with complex application and database SOX challenges such as auditing changes, controlling generic privileged users, and monitoring DBA activities.


Achieving GDPR with Oracle Databases, Oracle E-Business Suite, and PeopleSoft can be a significant challenge. Integrigy assists with GDPR compliance by solving database and application access control, data protection by default, audit trails, pseudonymization, encryption, data minimization, and right to erasure.

Credit Cards (PCI-DSS)

Achieving PCI-DSS compliance is a significant challenge with the Oracle Database and the Oracle E-Business Suite. AppSentry can help to assess and monitor PCI compliance and AppDefend is useful in satisfying requirements 6.6 and 10.2. Integrigy Consulting provides pre and post assessment assistance to solve challenging requirements.

Healthcare (HIPAA)

Integrigy can assist with compliance of HIPAA security rules through automated assessments with AppSentry and on-site assessments performed by Integrigy Consulting.

Federal (FISMA/DOD)

Integrigy assists Federal Government agencies in compliance with Federal regulations related to the Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle E-Business Suite. Our solutions help to automate the paperwork intensive reporting aspects of the FISMA and DOD mandated configuration requirements.

Solutions By Type of User

Database Administrators (DBA)

For database administrators, Integrigy helps to automate many of the routine security tasks required to maintain and operate a secure environment. AppSentry should be run periodically to ensure there are no critical security issues in the environment such as missing security patches, default database or application passwords, misconfigurations, etc. AppDefend provides an additional layer of web security for the Oracle E-Business Suite.

IT Security

For IT security, Integrigy provides the necessary database and ERP application security expertise both in our products and through our consulting services. AppSentry allows IT Security to perform in-depth security reviews often not performed due to a lack of skills or focus. Integrigy Consulting performs on-site or remote security assessments to ensure databases and ERP applications are secure.

Internal and External Auditors

Internal and external auditors have functional and business knowledge, but often do not have deep technical and specific database/application security knowledge. Using AppSentry during audits and assessments can enhance and broaden the scope of an audit into the technical security configuration of the database and application. Integrigy Consulting can assist and supplement skills to perform security assessments of the database and ERP application environments.

Oracle Project Team

Implementing Oracle E-Business Suite is challenging enough with having to ensure the application, database, and application server are secure. Database administrators are already overloaded with simply maintaining the application. Integrigy helps to make sure the application is secure with AppSentry, protects it from web attacks with AppDefend, and solves your security challenges with assistance from Integrigy Consulting.