Integrigy Corporation is the established leader in security solutions for both mission critical enterprise applications and databases. While most security software vendors concentrate on custom-developed web applications, we focus on your largest and most important applications - financials, manufacturing, human resources, CRM, procurement and logistics - and the databases supporting these applications. Your web applications may be protected from a denial of service attack, but are you protected from a hacker or disgruntled employee fraudulently issuing millions of dollars in checks or causing a complete shutdown of your manufacturing facility?

ERP Applications and Databases

ERP applications - Oracle E-Business Suite, Oracle PeopleSoft, Oracle Siebel, and SAP - are large and extremely complex applications. Security must be configured and maintained at many different levels. Most IT staffs lack the depth of security knowledge to adequately protect these applications at the network, operating system, web server, application server, database, and application level.

Databases - Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, SAP Sybase, Teradata, Netezza, MySQL - are complex environments and to properly secure, people, process, and tools must be aligned to ensure the configuration, access management, auditing, vulnerability management, and encryption are complete.

Consulting with major clients, we have discovered on average 25-50 security flaws per application implementation. These flaws are often the result of rushed implementations and poor understanding of the underlying technology by DBAs and other IT support staff. Most ERP sites apply patches to production systems only as a last resort - especially to the base database or web server software - resulting in many unpatched security holes. 

Our Consultants and Software

Our consultants and development team understand the complexity and nature of large ERP and database implementations. Having worked on many large Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, and Siebel implementations, they know how these projects function (and don't function). They have worked with DBAs, IT security staff, internal auditors, and functional users to understand the dynamics of why systems go into production with significant security flaws.

Our goal is to deliver high quality and workable solutions for securing the largest and most complex application and database software. Only through deep knowledge of the software packages (Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft, Siebel, and SAP) and database platforms can reliable and comprehensive solutions be developed.

Our software and consulting services not only identify security issues in the design, configuration, and implementation of ERP packages and databases, they also focus on security best practices. We attempt to address the broader issue of what should be done in terms of security, including auditing setups, logging, and user definitions.

Our products are designed to be easy to use and can be run by DBAs, internal auditors, or application support staff - you don't need advanced security training. AppSentry clearly identifies security holes and provides in-depth solutions to resolve any identified security issues. 

About Integrigy

Integrigy Corporation is a privately held corporation based in Nashville, Tennessee.