PeopleSoft Encryption

Protection of sensitive data while at-rest, in-motion or in-use all need to be addressed as part of a holistic security strategy. This includes both Personally Identifiable Information (PII) as well as sensitive PeopleSoft system configurations.

When performing a PeopleSoft security audit, Integrigy reviews the use and implementation of encryption within all components of the PeopleSoft technology stack. This includes the following, all which are critical. Review yours today and contact Integrigy with any questions.

  • Implementation of Oracle Advanced Security Option (ASO) for Transparent Data Encryption (TDE), Oracle Wallets and encryption key management for database encryption
  • Configuration of SQL-NET encryption between database server, application and web servers
  • PeopleSoft Pluggable Encryption Technology (PET)
  • PeopleSoft client and web services connections. Specifically, we look to ensure that both internal and external network traffic is encrypted using TLS not SSL to encrypt network traffic. TLS is the successor to SSL and is considered more secure.
  • Encryption of Tuxedo configurations using the PSADMIN utility
  • Encryption of PeopleSoft web server configurations by generating or implementing a new PSCipher key to encrypt values in the web server configuration files.
  • Encryption of the Template file. The Template file is used to share configurations among multiple environments (Test, Dev Prod etc...) and passwords stored in the file MUST be encrypted and should not be stored in clear text.

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Michael A. Miller, CISSP-ISSMP, CCSP


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