A quick reference guide for securing the Oracle PeopleSoft environments.  The guide includes information on (1) Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU), (2) supported databases and WebLogic versions, (3) default Oracle database accounts, (4) changing owner ID password, (5) removing unneeded default superusers, (6) changing Integration Broker Gateway password, (7) chaning CONNECT ID password, (8) verifying CONNECT ID permissions, (9) deleting and disabling unused user IDs, (10) important My Oracle Support (MOS) PeopleSoft security notes, (11) security related security configurations, (12) monitoring and auditing in PeopleSoft, (13) disabling configuration dynamic re-initialization, (14) hardening WebLogic, (15) enabling Tuxedo encryption, (16) encrypting web configuraiton and template files, (17) changing default PSKEY password, (18) default PeopleSoft network ports, and key PeopleSoft security related database tables and configuration files.

Reference, Oracle PeopleSoft