Sales Inquiries

For all sales inquires regarding AppSentry, AppDefend, or Integrigy Consulting, please contact our sales team at:

E-mail: Sales

Phone: 888/542-4802 x81

Security Information and Questions

For questions regarding application or database security, Integrigy security alerts, or our whitepapers and presentations, please feel free to contact the Integrigy Security Team (IST) as our team is always willing to answer questions.  The Integrigy Security Team is a team of world-class security experts with deep knowledge on security related to the Oracle Database, Oracle E-Business Suite, and Microsoft SQL Server.  If you are sending confidential or sensitive information, please use the our PGP Public Key to encrypt the information.

E-mail: Info (PGP Key)

Technical Support

Integrigy Technical Support is available during normal business hours Monday through Friday 9am to 6pm Central Time.

Web: Integrigy Support Website

E-mail: Support

Phone: 888/542-4802 x83

Careers at Integrigy

As Integrigy grows, we require people with diverse skill sets and experiences.  Interested candidates should send their resume and other qualifications to:

E-mail: Jobs

Integrigy Contact Information

Integrigy Corporation

14 Westlake Dr

Nashville, TN 37205

Phone: 888/542-4802

Fax: 312/268-5074

Federal, State, and Local Government

Please contact our sales team at:

E-mail: Sales

Phone: 888/542-4802 x81