Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provide extra layers of security to ensure that users accessing the application are who they say they are. Implementing SSO and MFA with Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) can provide security and compliance benefits and may be required for cybersecurity insurance coverage. However, Oracle EBS does not natively support SSO or MFA and is usually a stand-alone island in terms of identity management, often one of the last applications not integrated with your identity management. This educational webinar discusses use cases for implementing SSO and MFA with Oracle EBS by type of user, like employees, contractors, generic accounts, suppliers, and customers. A walk-through is provided of the process to implement our AppDefend solution for Oracle EBS SSO and contextual MFA, which can protect specific EBS functionality, such as changing employee direct deposit bank account numbers. AppDefend integrates Oracle EBS with SAML identity providers such as on-premise Active Directory, Azure AD, and Okta and MFA solutions like Duo Security, TOTP, SMS, and smartcards. AppDefend SSO and MFA - a native, direct, requiring no additional hardware, solution to a complicated issue.

SSO and MFA for Oracle E-Business Suite Without the Complexity

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