Oracle’s Audit Vault product is increasing in popularity having been voted Database Trends and Reader’s Choice Best Database Security Solution for 2014. Oracle Audit Vault provides a comprehensive and flexible monitoring solution by consolidating audit data from Oracle and non-Oracle databases, operating systems, directory, file systems, and application log data.  The Oracle Audit Vault  delivers over one hundred (100) reports, including compliance reports, as well as provides the ability to easily modify and create new reports using BI Publisher.

For auditors and IT security professionals, the Oracle Audit Vault presents significant new opportunities for Oracle database activity monitoring and security.  This educational webinar is targeted for auditors and IT security professionals and reviews the Oracle Audit vault and how Integrigy’s log and audit Framework can be easily implemented using the Oracle Audit Vault.

For more information on implementing Oracle Audit Vault, see Integrigy's Guide to Oracle Audit Vault.

Developing Value from Oracle Audit Vault


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