Unified Auditing was introduced with the release of Oracle 12c and changes how Oracle database logging and auditing is accomplished.  In previous releases of Oracle, there were separate audit trails for each individual component.  Unified Auditing now consolidates all auditing into a single view.  For auditors and IT security professionals, Unified Auditing presents significant new opportunities for Oracle database activity monitoring and security.  This educational webinar is targeted for auditors and IT security professionals and will review the two modes of Unified Auditing, Mixed Mode and Pure Mode. Real Application Security (RAS), another new Oracle 12c feature, is briefly discussed along with the interaction with Unified Auditing.  In addition, Integrigy’s log and audit Framework is presented and how it can be easily implemented using Oracle 12c Unified Auditing.

Additional information on Oracle 12c Unified Auditing can be found in Integrigy's whitepaper on 12c Unified Auditing.

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