11i ATG RUP7 and Critical Patch Updates Impact

Oracle has hinted at the upcoming release of Oracle E-Business Suite 11i.ATG_PF.H.delta.7 (or commonly referred to as RUP7) and will be most likely available in the next several months as it is currently under going internal testing.  Oracle Critical Patch Update patches for Oracle E-Business Suite 11i have the latest ATG RUP patches as a prerequisite - the official prerequisite is RUP N or RUP N-1 is required.  The last RUP was ATG RUP6 (5903765) released in October 2007. 

Currently for April 2009 CPU patches, RUP5 or RUP6 is required.  Due to timing, most likely for July 2009 CPU patches, RUP5 or RUP6 will be required.  For planning purposes, it should be assumed that for October 2009 CPU patches, only RUP6 and RUP7 will be supported.

Also, since April 2009 and for all future CPUs, the only 11i CPU supported database versions are,,, and

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