11i: CPU October 2006 - E-Business Suite Tech Stack Matrix

We have released our E-Business Technology Stack Support Matrix for the Oracle Critical Patch Update (CPU) October 2006.  The supported technology stack versions required by Oracle’s Critical Patch Updates (CPU) may be different from the certified technology stack versions.  A prime example is that is certified for Oracle Applications, but is not supported by the October 2006 CPU.  The Technology Stack support matrix highlights the differences between certified versions and CPU October 2006 required versions.

The two most significant changes to the technology stack support matrix for the October 2006 CPU are –

  • is no longer supported for 11.5.7 or 11.5.8, thus no CPU security patches for 11i
  • For 11.5.10.x, ATG_PF.H RUP3 or RUP4 is a mandatory prerequisite
  • 11.5.7 through 11.5.9 rebaselined application technology components are a mandatory prerequisite

The E-Business Technology Stack Support Matrix is available here.

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