11i: When Close is Not Enough - No Security Fixes for Early 11i Releases

Oracle has decided not to release any security fixes in the July 2006 Critical Patch Update for Oracle E-Business Suite releases 11.5.1 - 11.5.6.  This may come as a shock to more than a few customers since the official Desupport date for 11.5.1 to 11.5.6 is July 31, 2006 (not July 18, 2006).

From E-Business
Suite Critical Patch Update July 2006 Note, MetaLink Note 372931.1

"Error Correction Support for Oracle E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications)
releases 11.5.1 through 11.5.6 will end on 31-Jul-2006 as described in Note
: E-Business Suite (Oracle Applications)
11.5.1 through 11.5.6 Desupport Notice. Critical Patch Update
July 2006 is not planned for these releases. Oracle recommends customers
upgrade or migrate Oracle E-Business Suite to release 11.5.7 or later as
soon as possible to maintain the highest level of support."

Oracle has been much more aggressive recently in moving customers to newer versions of the Oracle E-Business Suite.  The Critical Patch Updates have become the stealth upgrade stick for many customers, especially in terms of technology stack upgrades.

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