CPU October 2006 Late Database Patches

As with previous Oracle Critical Patch Updates (CPU), a number of the database patches have not yet been released.  Major versions and operating systems are on the list.  Oracle has already "desupported" a number of versions by stealth through not supplying security patches (e.g., -  Customers really need to push Oracle to get the patches out on-time, especially for major releases and operating systems.  I can see not having z/OS and Linux on Power ready, but Unix and Linux?  Most of the missing patches are backports on mainstream operating systems.

The following is a list of missing patches for major platforms -

  • = Unix, Linux, and Windows = End of October
  • = Unix, Linux, and Windows = End of October
  • = Windows = October 20th

Since Oracle recommends customers apply the database patch first, this will delay a number of customers in applying the CPU patches or force some quick upgrades to the newest patchset.

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