Integrigy COLLABORATE 08 Presentations On-line

The COLLABORATE 08 conference went very well this year with excellent attendance and, as usual, high quality and informative presentations.  The aspect I especially like about COLLABORATE as compared to other conferences is that it is user-driven and almost all the 500+ technical sessions were devoid of any marketing speak or selling of products.

I presented 3 sessions between IOUG and OAUG, which were all well attended with over 150 people per session.  I guess security is really starting to become ingrained at many organizations.  I was somewhat surprised at the number of organizations relatively current with CPU patches based on the informal and highly unscientific "show of hands" surveys.

The PowerPoint presentations from my 3 sessions can be downloaded here -

Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG)

Oracle E-Business Suite Critical Patch Updates: Insight and Understanding

Independent Oracle Users Group (IOUG)

Oracle Database Critical Patch Updates: Unwrapped

Real-life Database Security Mistakes


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