OAUG eLearning: January 2007 Critical Patch Update E-Business Suite Impact

For those of you who are OAUG members, I will be presenting an OAUG eLearning session on the Oracle Critical Patch Update January 2007 and the impact on the E-Business Suite.  This session will include a review of the security vulnerabilities fixed in the CPU, an analysis of the required CPU patches, and a discussion of a high-level patch strategy.  Depending the vulnerabilities fixed in the CPU, there may even be some demonstrations of the actual vulnerabilities.

There will be two sessions on Thursday, January 18th at 9:00am and 5:00pm EST.  Space is limited to 25 participants and you must register on-line for the session.  If your organization is not a member of OAUG, I recommend you join as it is a very effective and beneficial user organization.

The registration URL is -



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