Oracle Employees Really Do Read This Blog

From the Integrigy servers statistics, I have known that we get hundreds of visits a day from the Oracle proxy and cache servers.  Many days collectively the Oracle domains (.com, .uk, etc.) are number one.  The vast majority of the hits are on blog, RSS feeds, and our whitepapers.  But I have not known how Oracle actually uses this information internally.  Well, now I know someone is at least reading our comments and recommendations.

Last month, I posted about an issue we encountered during a number of recent Oracle Applications assessments regarding the system profile option SIGNON_PASSWORD_HARD_TO_GUESS being incorrectly set.  This issue turned out to be related to the maintenance pack instructions (Metalink Note ID 316365.1).  My comment was "Unfortunately, there is no step in Section 3 to make sure you set the profile option back to Yes."  Well, two weeks later Oracle has updated the instructions in Section 3 Step 2 to remind customers to reset the profile option.

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