How To Stop Insiders from Stealing Your Secrets – Recommendations on Rings of Security

For those of you who attended our webinar on 15-May-2014 on how to secure privileged users, Bruce Schneier’s blog post on 5/16/2014 will be of interest. The post was titled “How to Stop an Insider from Stealing All Your Secrets”. In the post he referenced a magazine article by Bob Toxen in the Communications of the ACM.

Bob Toxen’s article is here and it is a fascinating read on Edward Snowden’s exploits at the NSA and what should have been in place to stop him. The article reviews best practices for “Rings of Security” with which to protect against insider threats from privileged users. Of particular interest were Bob’s comments about the NSA’s use of SharePoint and his recommended best practices for the implementation and use of SSH (Secure Shell).

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