Google Source Code Bug Finder

Google is such a powerful tool and people are finding new ways to exploit its capabilities.  The newest use is to find security bugs in open source code, since much of this code is published in code repositories indexed by Google.  Google searches can look for specific file extensions (like c, pls, sql, or ora).


A frequent topic of discussion after any security assessment or review by auditors is the setting of O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY in Oracle Applications. 07_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY is a database initialization parameter that controls access to objects in the SYS schema.  It was originally intended to help with migrations from Oracle7 to newer versions where access to data dictionary objects is limited by default. From a pure security perspective, 07_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY should always be set to FALSE and is a very common security recommendations for Oracle Databases in general.

11i: How to Check for Correct APPLSYSPUB Privileges in 11i

The APPLSYSPUB account is used by Oracle Applications to initially connect to the database and establish a session.  This account normally should have limited privileges.  However, during our audits the permissions assigned to APPLSYSPUB and PUBLIC are often a security risk and need to be corrected.


The Oracle Applications Security Blog will be an unique analysis and commentary on Oracle related security topics, especially related to Oracle Applications (the official product name is "Oracle E-Business Suite"). Since the Oracle Applications technology stack also includes most of the other Oracle products, I will also cover the Oracle Database, Oracle Application Server, and Oracle development products.

My goal is to use this as a forum for some experimentation into presenting security topics in a different way.


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