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Oracle Audit Vault Oracle Database Plug-In

The Oracle Audit Vault uses Plug-Ins to define data sources.  The following table summarizes several of the important facts about the Oracle...

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What Do Oracle Audit Vault Collection Agents Do?

The Oracle Audit Vault is installed on a server, and collector agents are installed on the hosts running the source databases.  These...

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What can the Oracle Audit Vault Protect?

For Oracle database customers the Oracle Audit Vault can protect the following:

  • SQL statements logs – Data...
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Implement the Integrigy Log and Audit Framework with the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Integrigy’s database Log and Audit Framework is ideally suited for use with the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF). The Oracle AVDF...

Integrigy Guide to Database Auditing and Logging

Most clients do not fully take advantage of their database's auditing and logging features. For databases such as Oracle these features are...

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What is the Oracle Audit Vault?

Oracle Audit Vault is aptly named; the Oracle Audit Vault is a vault in which data about audit logs is placed, and it is based on two key concepts...

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Integrigy Guide to Oracle Audit Vault

The Integrigy Guide to Oracle Audit Vault provides an introduction to Oracle Audit Vault and Integrigy's recommendations for deployment and...

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Developing Value with Oracle Audit Vault

Oracle’s Audit Vault product is increasing in popularity having been voted Database Trends and Reader’s Choice Best Database Security Solution for...

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