Upcoming Webinar: IT Security Briefing: Security Risks in the Oracle Database

IT Security Briefing: Security Risks in the Oracle Database
Thursday, November 18, 2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

Most IT Security personnel are familiar with the security requirements of networks and operating systems.  But many in IT Security are not aware of the security risks inherent in their company’s Oracle production databases.  Issues concerning the protection of sensitive data, restricting excessive user access privileges, and implementing database activity monitoring are not given serious consideration.  This one hour educational session will highlight the security risks and safeguards that should be found in every production database.

Topics include:

  • Database inspection for regulatory compliance.
  • Protection of sensitive data (credit card data, social security numbers, payroll data, etc)
  • Database appraisal for excessive user privileges, unwarranted access, and access to insecure areas
  • Validating internal database security standards – written and implemented.
  • Confirming on-going database activity monitoring is implemented to ensure business requirements are satisfied, all attack vectors are covered, and alerting/reporting is active.

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