Integrigy Oracle Listener Security Check Tool Updated

We have updated our free Oracle Database Listener Security Check tool that analyzes security of the Oracle Database TNS Listener to identify potential security issues.  The tool performs four basic checks for the Database Listener in a simple and user friendly way - (1) is a listener password set, (2) is ADMIN_RESTRICTIONS set, (3) is logging enabled, and (4) is LOCAL_OS_AUTHENTICATION enabled for Oracle 10g.  It is a single executable that can be run from any Windows XP/2000 PC, requires no Oracle client install, and can be run from a USB key.

The following enhancements are in the new version -

  • Fully compatible with Oracle 10g (10.1 and 10.2)
  • New Oracle Applications 11i check for database and FNDFS listeners
  • New enumeration of all instances for a listener
  • Saves history of servers and ports for easy access

The AppSentry Listener Security Check Tool is available for download at -

AppSentry Listener Security Check Tool

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