Oracle Audit Vault - Remedy and ArcSight Integration

Remedy Ticket System Integration

Oracle Audit Vault 12c includes a standard interface for BMC Remedy ticketing systems.  You can configure the Oracle Audit Vault to connect to BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System Server 7.x.  This connection enables the Oracle Audit Vault to raise trouble tickets in response to Audit Vault alerts. 

Only one Remedy server can be configured for each Oracle Audit Vault installation.  After the interface has been configured, an Audit Vault auditor needs to create templates to map and handle the details of the alert.  Refer to the Oracle Audit Vault Administrator’s Guide Release 10.3, E23571-08, Oracle Corporation, August 2014, section 3.6

HP ArcSight Integration

HP’s ArcSight Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system is a centralized system for logging, analyzing, and managing messages from different sources.  Oracle Audit Vault can forward messages to ArcSight SIEM.

No additional software is needed to integrate with ArcSight.  Integration is done through configurations in the Audit Vault Server console.

Messages sent to the ArcSight SIEM Server are independent of any other messages sent from the Audit Vault (e.g., other Syslog feeds). 

There are three categories of messages sent –

  • System - syslog messages from subcomponents of the Audit Vault Sever
  • Info - specific change logging from the Database Firewall component of Oracle AVDF
  • Debug - a category that should only be used under the direction of Oracle Support

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