Oracle Unified Auditing Performance Issues and 12.2 Improvements

For those of you using and/or considering Unified Auditing, in case you might have missed, Oracle has made significant changes to Unified Auditing in 12.2. Unified Auditing, new in Oracle 12c, represents a complete rewrite of how native database auditing works - see the links below for Integrigy research on Unified Auditing.

With Oracle 12.1, when using Unified Auditing, reads of the UNIFIED_AUDIT_TRAIL view were not performant. With Oracle 12.2, a new relational partitioned table (AUDSYS.AUD$UNIFIED) is created to solve the performance issue, and a patch (22782757) has been issued to backport the fix to 12.1.

For 12.1 clients using Unified Auditing, the patch and/or the workaround should be a high priority consideration.

Thank you to Mark Dietrich for pointing out the 12.1 patch.

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-Michael Miller, CISSP-ISSMP, CCSP, CCSK



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