PeopleSoft Guest User Security

Being hospitable and welcoming to guests is usually considered good manners.  That said, being a gracious host does not mean you should be careless with your security.

With regard to PeopleSoft application security, the user GUEST is a default account created with the installation of PeopleSoft.  When performing a PeopleSoft security audit, several attributes of the GUEST user are reviewed, including the following -  take a look today at your settings:

For the GUEST user:

  • Change the default password
  • Ensure does not have access to sensitive menus and/or roles, including not having access to the following:
  • The role ‘PeopleSoft User’
  • Any role that includes the permission list PTPT1000
  • The role ‘PAPP_USER’
  • Any role that includes the permission list PAPP0002

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