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Hashing Credit Card Numbers: Unsafe Application Practices

Cryptographic hash functions seem to be an ideal method for protecting and securely storing credit card numbers in e-commerce and payment...

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Oracle Database Listener Security Guide

A guide to properly securing the Oracle Database Listener. Integrigy Consulting has found the Database Listener to be one of the most frequently...

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An Introduction to SQL Injection Attacks for Oracle Developers

Most application developers underestimate the risk of SQL injections attacks against web applications that use Oracle as the back-end database....

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Oracle Applications Password Decryption

Most Oracle Applications 11i implementations are vulnerable to a significant security weakness in the encryption of passwords within the...

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Integrigy Guide to Auditing and Logging in Oracle E-Business Suite

Most Oracle E-Business Suite implementations do not fully take advantage of the auditing and logging features. These features are sophisticated...

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