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Oracle Audit Vault - Oracle Client Identifier and Last Login

Several standard features of the Oracle database should be kept in mind when considering what alerts and correlations are possible when combining...

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Oracle Audit Vault - Remedy and ArcSight Integration

Remedy Ticket System Integration

Oracle Audit Vault 12c includes a standard interface for BMC Remedy ticketing systems.  You can...

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Logging and Auditing Oracle Database Webinar

The auditing and logging capabilities within the Oracle Database are sophisticated and able to satisfy most organizations' security and compliance...

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Oracle Audit Vault and Compliance Reporting

The Oracle Audit Vault has seeded reports for the following compliance and legislative requirements – no additional license is required.

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Oracle Audit Vault - Custom Reports and BI Publisher

Custom reports can be created in Oracle Audit Vault using Oracle BI Publisher.  BI Publisher is an add-on to Microsoft Word and can be used...

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Oracle Audit Vault Reports

The Oracle Audit Vault by default installs over one-hundred (100) reports.  This includes core audit reports as well as compliance reports....

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Oracle Audit Vault Oracle Database Plug-In

The Oracle Audit Vault uses Plug-Ins to define data sources.  The following table summarizes several of the important facts about the Oracle...

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What Do Oracle Audit Vault Collection Agents Do?

The Oracle Audit Vault is installed on a server, and collector agents are installed on the hosts running the source databases.  These...

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What can the Oracle Audit Vault Protect?

For Oracle database customers the Oracle Audit Vault can protect the following:

  • SQL statements logs – Data...
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Implement the Integrigy Log and Audit Framework with the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall

Integrigy’s database Log and Audit Framework is ideally suited for use with the Oracle Audit Vault and Database Firewall (AVDF). The Oracle AVDF...